“Bitcoin Stale.” Early champions such as John McAfee described the cryptocurrency original as “real Shitcoin,” and while things have gotten worse, it was until another “stale” block was created recently.

But why is the problem an obstacle barrier? Well, for those who don’t know, the block is “stale” when it is received on the Bitcoin blockchain, but it was later cleared because the nodes that added it to their network versions ended up with a longer chain that did not contain it.
live crypto prices
For some, the fact that a “stumbling block” can be dropped proves that bitcoin is in fact not volatile. And given that BitMex’s recently discovered blockchain has more than doubled to $ 3, critics argue that Bitcoin is not a viable digital money system.

However, Bitcoin developers argue that bitcoin is unchanged, since “impossible” was primarily impossible. They point out that double spending on bitcoin is almost impossible, as most exchange and payment processing processes have to wait for a trend to be approved before the transaction is approved.


Sam Francisco Spade of San Francisco

“At about this point, Briles O & # 39; Shaughnessy filmed Miles Archer, Sam Spade’s partner.” So says a plaque on a building at the corner of Burritt Alley and Bush Street in downtown San Francisco. This is a cozy apartment block in a cul-de-sac – not exactly a place to kill, but of course, this murder only happened on the pages of Dashiel Hammett’s “The Falcon of Malta.”
trivago hotels
As I discover as I stroll around Sam Spade, the San Franciscans gladly pretend that Sam and this colorful crew of Falcon hunters, the mysterious Miss Wonderly, fat little Joel Cairo and the reassuringly ingenious Gutman all really traveled the city blocks around Union Square in search of a great black bird .
hotels flights
This conversion takes some effort because Dashiell Hammett has not been given a complex scene. A more detailed description in the Falcon of Malta consists of one sentence: Spade received a call talking about Miles’s murder; calling the yellow cab phone company. The taxi lowers him “to where Bush Street was roofing Stockton before sliding downhill to Chinatown.”
cheap flights
San Francisco of San Francisco ignores everything that postcards and those songs and travelers, including myself, associate with the city. “Small cable cars don’t climb halfway to the stars” or anywhere else in Sam Spade’s world. There is almost no sense of the hills that even walking the breakfast block can turn into a calf-hike. Stockton’s “cover” of Bush Street only hints at the way this city climbs and lowers Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill – three heights that separate Sam Spade from the blue ocean, the orange bridge and the beautiful bay that never seems to be seen.
all-inclusive vacation packages with airfareAs I walk the world of Sam Spade I realize how small he is. This is a dark, bustling San Francisco, the part that turns your back on all the blue sea and sky and all those pastel-colored, gabled Victorian houses that so optimistically cling to those cruel hills. As I ride the Hyde Street cable car from Nob to Russian Hill at that moment when it turns into the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco seems to me like it has just come out of the laundry all clean, blue and white, hung dry in the morning sun.
airfare tickets
But Hammett’s characters have no time to look at such love. After all, they are looking for much more elusive beauty – “the things they dream of,” as Bogart said in the movie (but Hammett is not in the book): black enamel, solid gold, a jewel decorated with a hawk that will consume all their ambition and energy and end them all to escape.
hotels flights
Hammett gives his characters very occasional diversions. Joel Cairo takes part in a play at the Geary Theater. Currently showing Moliere’s Misanthrope; A Christmas Carol has been announced for the holidays. It’s hard to imagine Joel Cairo attending any. He would not be able to walk far from his Belvedere Hotel. In its true embodiment of Bellevue, it was just one block at Geary and Taylor’s. These days it has been reborn as Monaco, a chic boutique fantasy hotel in which overturned Vuitton coffins serve as a reception desk and hot air balloons on the ceilings of trompe l’oeil moving through fluffy clouds.

Occasionally, the San Francisco Night Fog is mentioned, “skinny, slatey, and penetrating,” but for the most part, Falcon’s characters move through the world of the interior: Sam’s office, his apartment, Brigid’s apartment, and various hotel suites.

Dashiell Hammett worked as a detective in San Francisco for a while. He moved around a lot, but for a while he lived at 891 Post Street and located Sam Spade’s apartment there. When I ask the restaurant waiter if it’s a safe area to visit at night, he shrugs and says, “It’s a little gay ghetto after dark …..”

Hammett gave Spade an office in the splendid 1926 building at 111 Sutter Street. A marble hall and walls and a bundled, painted ceiling more closely resemble the entrance to the Medici Palace. The concierge, the maintenance man, everyone who happens to be around the hall knows that this is the place where “Sam Spade had his office – on the fifth floor.”

In another Hammett direction talking about the scene, Spade said, “Have him call me at John & # 39; s, Ellis Street.” And there, the detective asks the waiter to hurry his order with “chops, baked potatoes and sliced ​​tomatoes.” In 1997, John & # 39; s Grill was named a National Literary Landmark. For $ 29, a visitor can still order these noodles. If they come, they should try to eat them in the upstairs dining room where Hammett books and a replica of the Maltese Falcon are kept in the entrance glass.

But something is missing. Sam Spade may recognize the look of the place, but probably not its scent. No smoke. And the smokers lurking outside his office building, rising on Sutter, smoking briskly during a brief break for American lunch are a reminder that Sam and his ladies are covered with coins left behind in the second century.


A Review of Very Cheap Vacation Packages: What to Expect with Cheap Travel Deals

What happens when you want to go on a day trip but don't have much money? The answer, of course, is simple: just use the internet to help you find super cheap vacation packages. They are out there – you just need to know how to find them. Helps to use discount travel pages that partner with airlines and hotels and allows consumers to find the best deals for their destinations with the dates they specify. If you don't have the correct dates in mind, review 24-hour bids, weekly bids, last-minute deals, etc.

Don't think that super cheap vacation packages are only in places that aren't very popular or over the trail. There are a wide variety of packages to choose from, including ski resorts, beach trips, casinos, golf packages, escape from major cities and more. For many destinations, a good price depends on the time of year. If there is no season in a particular place and time is not frugal, it is much easier to get cheap rates.

If you want to head to a place like Florida or the Caribbean but don't have much budget, just wait for the hurricane season to start. Keep an eye on weather reports to know if and where a hurricane or tropical storm can be created, and fly to a destination not in its path. You will be amazed at some of the deals you can find this time of year.

Want to head to a big city like NYC, Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Boston or Seattle? Go every time there are no major events or conventions in town. Prices are usually a little lower when nothing big is happening.

Super cheap vacation packages from outside the US

Sometimes it is easy to find super cheap vacation packages in international destinations. Some of the most expensive countries to visit these days include Laos, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Cambodia. If you can't afford to travel to popular international places like Paris, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul or Sydney, there are always cheaper alternatives. Simply browse the Discount Travel Sites to find recommendations. Also read reviews on budget hotels and hostels – you can always choose the backpack option.

Another possible way of saving is flexibility at airports. If you cannot find a low-cost airfare to your desired airport, consider a flight to another airport in the region. Even if it means you have to rent a car for an extra day or take a bus or train to the hotel, you can still save more money.

You can find some super cheap holiday packages not on land but at sea. Review cruise deals to see if you will be attracted to one trip.

Find super cheap vacation packages at destinations around the world online. Whether you want to go on a cruise, cross out items in your "must-see" list, or just want to get away for a few days, there are online offers for just about everyone.


Do you like exciting adventure holidays? Try American adventure holidays with top travel companies

If you are looking for exciting overseas adventure travel, there are some special American adventure trips online. If you have time to tour the US, it might be a good idea to consider an organized trip with a leading adventure travel company.

Here are some reasons why:

  • You travel in a completely different way when you are in the company of experts. You spend your time productively and you don't waste any of it. You benefit from being with guides who know the best places to visit and stay.

  • The best adventure travel companies will offer exciting opportunities such as authentic lodging and cottages, so you get up close to the culture, customs and wildlife of America right away. They are companies that design sustainable tourism vacations high on the agenda.

  • Good adventure travel companies will also give you great value for money, because they know how to reduce costs without disrupting the quality of your trip, there will be no costly mistakes and you won't pay for the odds for anything.

  • Adventure vacations come in different travel styles. You can opt for tours, train holidays, activity holidays or family holidays. The choice is amazing.

  • Travel in a small group, which will help make the trip more enjoyable as your companions will be like-minded coming from all over the world. Therefore, they are ideal trips for singles.

  • Your safety is guaranteed.

Here are some absolutely great American adventure holidays that are really very special. These examples show that it is possible to see a lot of America in one trip, but it would require tremendous prior knowledge and careful organizing if you were to go it alone.

This is a 44 day long journey. It's a safe journey of a lifetime. It is a round trip that starts in San Francisco and takes you from east to west – through America. You will travel in an air-conditioned private tourist van and be the Managing Director with you until the end. Your group will be no larger than 13 people, the perfect size. You will go on guided tours of iconic cities like LA, New York, Washington, New Orleans and more. You will spend entire days exploring the marvelous national parks, including Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Valley Valley, Mesa Verde, Shenandoah and more! You will visit the Finger Lakes and Taughannock and Niagara Falls regions. You will experience the true Wild West in Deadwood and travel through the territory of Sioux. Add iconic places like Nashville and Memphis, horseback riding, canoeing and hiking, and you'll have some idea of ​​the size of this incredible tour.

Another trip that captured my imagination was a camping holiday in the West of America. This is a 22 day trip with 15 nights of camping in fantastic locations. Again this journey begins in San Francisco, where you can kayak and explore the Big Sur coastal region. Then head to Lake Cachuma, Santa Barbara, and then to Los Angeles where you can decide to visit Universal Studios. You will then travel to San Diego to take a city tour, and Phoenix to visit a real cowboy bar.

You will still have the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Monument Valley, and you will learn about the Navajo culture. Then you will visit Moab, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Death Valley and Yosemite. If you are in the Napa Valley, you can opt for a canoe trip to the Russian River. You will be camping most nights so you will really feel that you have been out in the wild and having an adventure. It's another epic tour.

The beauty of organized tours is that they are designed by experts who know what they are doing. You are guaranteed a fantastic experience without any hassle. He takes care of everything. Transportation, travel manual, itineraries and you are free to participate in and outside the activities. Nothing is mandatory.

I have looked into a lot of great trips around the US and there are certainly many more to choose from, from self-driving vacations to amazing Alaska cruises, mountain vacation rentals and New York vacation vacations!

The list is very long, but what they have in common is that they offer great value for money, peace of mind and the most important adventures that will live with you for many years to come.


Hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most attractive cities in America and probably one of the most popular. The up and down seem to be the main directions and although the almost perpendicular streets can seem daunting – don't let them put you off. San Francisco offers an extraordinary number of cultural attractions and world-famous landmarks set against a backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty. Union Square is lined with modern shops, major retailers and hotels, lodging and unusual cheap deals, and of course one of the city's main shopping areas.

Some hotels near San Francisco Airport are Best Western Grosvenor, Holiday Inn, Travelodge, Hyatt Regency, Comfort Inn, Clarion, Westin and many more.

When staying at the Best Western Grosvenor Hotel, San Francisco Airport, you will be close to the best restaurants, shops, theaters, art galleries and museums. There are many ways to spend a day in this great city, whether you are working or looking for fun. There are plenty of indoor activities to keep you occupied when you book your San Francisco accommodation with the luxury Grosvenor Hotel. The Best Western Grosvenor is located just 1 mile north of San Francisco International Airport, 12 miles from downtown San Francisco and 5 miles from Kravlje Palace and Holy Park. The Holiday Inn is a well-known business destination, and only a mile and a half away from San Francisco International Airport. Guests benefit from luxurious amenities such as free high-speed Internet access, extensive cable TV and room service. The most popular attractions in downtown San Francisco are twelve miles from the hotel, and the area also includes must-see destinations such as Napa Wine Country and the Muir Forest.

Since you are new to this city, you may find it difficult to reach the hotel. It would be better if you book an online shuttle service. With the help of shuttle services you can go from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. Passenger vans offer a variety of services such as the captain's seat made of leather, offering you maximum comfort and spaciousness. If you are a business traveler, you can use free high speed internet. It can be difficult for parents to carry a child seat because they already have too much luggage. So I can get baby car seats from trucking companies. Transportation takes every 30 minutes, so if your flight is late, you can catch the next shuttle.

After the work is completed, you can visit certain attractive places such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Sea Lions at Pier 39, Alcatraz, cable cars, Baker Beach, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Chinese Town, Fishermen's Coast, Twin Peaks, Japanese Tea Garden, Muir Forest. Lombard Street etc.


Museum of Modern Art San Francisco – Visitor Guide

The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco is the first museum on the west coast of the United States to showcase art only in the 20th century. A common abbreviation for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is SFMOMA. He settled on the current site of 151 Third Street in San Francisco until 1995. By then, the original name of the San Francisco Museum of Art had changed, it had occupied large parts of the Memorial War building in the City Center of San Francisco. Natural light is preferred to illuminate the large open spaces of the building, filling the structure with warm light streaming through thousands of carefully placed windows and skylights.

For those unfamiliar with the term, modern art refers to any new work of art created after the mid-17th century, up to the present day, in a style different from that of previous epochs. Dozens of these styles of art fit into this category, including: Fauvism, Cubism, Pop Art, Op Art, Expressionism, Futurism, Hard Edge Painting, Minimal Art, and many others. These many forms of art can happen on any imaginable medium. Anything that has pigment could be used as color, and anything imaginable can be canvas. The sculpture can be made of steel, iron, marble or even cheese if the artist thinks. Some of Avant Garde's latest pieces are made up of raw light and sound that bounce around different rooms to create new sensory experiences.

The museum hosts over twenty exhibitions a year, in addition to more than 50,000 works of art in its permanent collection. Some of the highlights in this collection include the works of Ansel Adams, Jackson Pollock, Richard Diebenkorn and thousands of others. These exhibitions are eagerly awaiting the completion and ceremonial opening of the rooftop garden. This 14,400-square-foot construction is designed as an outdoor exhibit featuring sculpture, photography and other works of art that mirror the mood and changeability of the world in nature.

The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco also has a department specifically designed to educate its visitors. There are more than three hundred educational programs held annually by the museum at its own expense, with the sole purpose of teaching everyone who, regardless of age, the importance and value of all the arts in our society, how it enriches our culture and will to contribute to its growth through the centuries.


Top tourist attractions in San Francisco

With the diversity of the landscape of San Francisco, you can climb the mountain before lunch, spend the afternoon at the first-class museum and dine at the world-famous fishing dock. Being able to enjoy so many things within one city makes San Francisco one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Here are our top things to see when you visit San Francisco:

Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge is one of the most recognizable destinations in the world. Rising up to the height of 65-storey skyscrapers and extending over 4,200 meters, this entrance bridge welcomes visitors to San Francisco.


This fascinating neighborhood supports an estimated population of 100,000, making the San Francisco Bay Area the largest of all outside Asia.


Every visitor should see Alcatraz Island located in San Francisco Bay and learn the history of that former federal prison, lighthouse, and indigenous occupation site from 1969 to 1972.

Fishing port

As San Francisco's most popular tourist attraction (and "tourist trap"), the dock boasts plenty of activities. It's a bustling place to spend a few hours on a cold boat ride, eating some warm pickled crab or crabs, or watching the multitude of sea lions. But keep your wallet nearby, as the dock also ranks high among fraud artists and tourists.

San Francisco cable car

The city’s iconic cable car system is the last in the world to continue to be used constantly. With a fee of about $ 5 for a one-way trip, you can nostalgically ride some of the city's most interesting streets. For the most authentic experience, stand on a treadmill and stick to one of the outer pillars. This is something you will never forget.


This bohemian district (marked by the intersections of Haight and Ashbury streets) gained fame as the epicenter of the hippie subculture in the late 1960s. Today it is a unique and interesting part of the city populated by independent businesses and restaurants.


Few cities in the world have the eclectic mix of activities, architectural diversity and geographical variations that San Francisco offers. The city has successfully managed to blend its rich, historic past and contemporary present, making San Francisco one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.


San Francisco – Emerald City

San Francisco, a city by the bay, was lost and found culture from around the world. San Francisco is located at the mouth of the Golden Gate, the entrance to one of the largest seaports. Formerly known as the Barbary Coast, San Francisco sits on a water front with many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. The gold you will find is in the beautiful hilly landscape and Victorian architecture. For historians, it is a source of knowledge. For movie lovers, many Hollywood films have been shot and set up here. The San Francisco Bay Area is also the birthplace and home of many famous musicians of the 1960s and 1970s.

If you and your sweetheart become restless, you will enjoy a stroll through Golden Gate Park or at one of the many beaches. There are many hide and seek hangouts that are less well known if you prefer less traffic. The Kelly resort is located in the Chinese Basin near Third Street, formerly a bicycle messenger hangout. There are also many nice Asian restaurants and cafes in Richmond County. Richmond County is also a great source of Asian culinary products. The view from the Twin Peaks gives a view of the entire city which is just as awesome at night as it is in the daytime. There are many original folklore and legends about the area that date back to the Golden Wave era and some landmarks still exist. Chinatown is known for its historic, traditional architecture and sculpture, a great place for art lovers. Mission County is a contiguous Latin American neighborhood of San Francisco, friendly and kindly known for hundreds of incredible murals designed by local artists, so sightseeing is recommended as a must-see.

If you are a cycling fan, San Francisco and Marin are the birthplace of mountain biking. On the last Friday of the month, around 5.30pm, a cycling group known as the Critical Mass is being organized on a plateau at the end of Market Street in the city center. Thousands of cyclists paradise the city, some wear costumes, some explode amplified music like wheeled entertainment! There are also more commonly known tourist attractions. One of my favorites is Halloween. On this occasion, a large number of people make spectacular costumes, the city reviving Halloween. In addition to being an attraction, the natural beauty of the bay gives a new flavor to every sunrise. Each new visit will be guaranteed to bring a fresh experience.


Find unique and exotic travel deals right here in the US

For larger travel websites; Travel contracts are made when they buy seats for airline tickets, hotels and rent cars in bulk and then sell at a lower price to the general public.

The same goes for cheaper cruise deals and hot spots for the holidays. The one who has the cash flow to buy large quantities of travel deals extremely well in resale.

However, there is another travel contract that is generated consistently by what the general public is usually unaware of. These are trips made from smaller settlements and out of places of travel.

With the purchase of unseen sightings you run the risk that the holiday will not be what you expected. You can be pretty sure that your accommodation will be as advertised when shopping from major travel websites.

This brings us to why "travel review" websites are so popular. You can go to any of these pages and read what other travelers have written about the destination you are interested in.

This leads us to another concern for the independent traveler; unless you know exactly where you want to travel, you may never know about the exciting, wonderful, beautiful, cheap, travel deals around the world that were absolutely safe for Americans in the past.

Setting up small private resorts, travel agencies and travel suppliers in line with their marketing efforts has not proven successful. In the passage, their failures were frequent and now they often failed. Unless a cash-rich travel agency decides to promote one of these small and unique travel destinations in the San Francisco Chronicle or the New York Times; wider places may never know about hidden travel destinations.

Yes, this is a time when we need to be extremely aware of our surroundings, no matter what county we are in; but we do not have to leave the US to find truly beautiful exotic places on our own, the East Coast or the hidden islands and coast along the southern states here in the US.

Travel agents are constantly receiving press releases and flyers at crowded, cheap, small, resorts through their fax lines. It is one thing for them to get this information and another to promote it. And why should they? Good business people promote what will increase their income! And many travelers go to larger websites for holiday packages.

So for an independent traveler who wants more from his or her travel experience – research is key. You don't have to leave the US to find new and exciting places to travel – however, you need time to find them.


Tour the city of San Jose, California with a solo guide

When I was a kid growing up in central California, the city of San Jose was a place to avoid. Several years ago, Mayor Tom McHenry launched a downtown revitalization project that gave birth to a wonderfully new or renovated neighborhood. San Jose is the largest of the cities in the Bay Area, bearing the name of its sometimes rival in northern San Francisco. San Jose also has more people and a much larger area than San Francisco.

One of the newest additions to the city center is a new town hall with a clear dome that conjures up a picture of transparency in government like the one (to a lesser extent) of the Berlin Reichstag.

Many city visitors begin as visitors to a convention at the San Jose Convention Center named after former Mayor Tom McHenry. This modern property helps attract visitors to the city center.

The HP Pavilion also gave locals and visitors a reason to return downtown. The HP Pavilion is located on the other side of Highway 87 from the rest of the city, but it's easy to walk from one to the other. In addition to being the home of the San Jose Sharks, the Pavilion is also a popular concert venue.

You don't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy the energy of dry San Jose Shark fans. In preparation for the Sharks game this training. Place both hands straight in front of you, one above the other, palms facing each other. Put your hands together and you're ready to "hit" the other team.

Another popular sports team is the single A farm team for the San Francisco Giants, the San Jose Giants who play at a municipal stadium south of downtown. If you haven't had the chance to watch a football game of baseball, a picture of "Bull Durham" with billboards for local businesses on the fence. Being Silicon Valley, some of these local businesses advertise databases instead of steaks. Go watch the kids run a mascot around the base or competitors trying to break the headlights of a truck with a fastball to win the prize.

Since San Jose gets 300 sunny days a year, a great place to grab a meal is at a side cafe in San Pedro Square, but many other restaurants are also downtown. For a budget meal, try a burrito in La Victoria or a kabob in Askew. For a more imaginative meal, one of my favorite classic local restaurants is Paulos.

A great museum for kids' convenience is the Woz Road Discovery Museum (named after Apple founder and big kid Steve Wozniak). Older children and adults alike will enjoy the Tech Museum downtown, which celebrates the science and innovation that has created the wonder of Silicon Valley. Tech also has IMAX theater.

My favorite spot for downtown live theater is the San Jose Rep, which delivers about 6 performances a year in spectacularly intimate theater. The tail has no bad seats. If you prefer comedy, check out Comedy Sports' comic style.

The city center can be reached by car or via CalTrain, Amtrack and bus.


Feed well on your travel budget

When traveling, it can be difficult to find good food at reasonable prices

especially if you happen to be staying in a big city that has established food and

restaurant culture. When you are faced with a budget, you want to try and increase it

your enjoyment for a dollar. If you want to eat well, try local cuisine

budget price, you'll have to do a little research to find that perfect restaurant that

offers a balance between quality and price.

First check with your hotel or hostel and see if breakfast is included

your stay. In Europe, many hotels offer breakfast. If you are a hotel, give

breakfast, do not skip it in favor of paying for food elsewhere. Some of my most

unforgettable meals were hostel breakfasts that were nothing more than cakes, butter,

jam and some coffee with milk. Hotel and hostels with breakfast are also a great way to do this

meet other guests.

One of the budget eating options is to eat at a chain restaurant you knew well,

such as McDonald's, Burger King, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can find

McDonald is somewhere in the world. I was going through Rome using it for free

McDonald's map which, in addition to designating all the tourist attractions, had a tag

for every McDonald's in Rome. However, if you want to get acquainted with

the culture of the country you visit, eating at a fast food restaurant is not good


Another option is to buy groceries and make your own food. If you don't

a fridge or stove in your hotel room, this option may not be very feasible. Still, you

you can buy non-heated items and make a meal out of them. When I do

he was in Florence, bread, parma bread and cheese along with Chianti

made a really nice picnic that I thoroughly enjoyed. Be sure to try sampling

local cuisine items.

Eating one or two meals a day from a street vendor or from a restaurant can be the same

be a good way to still eat great but save some money. I have super ham in Paris and

street vendor cheese sandwiches for lunch. They were delicious, they kept me safe

going and did not spoil the budget. When I was at a conference in Washington, D.C.

discovered a small shop that made egg and cheese sandwiches

toast to order. They were sold for only $ 2.00 and I ate there every morning.

In Rome, I discovered a small pizza shop around the corner

Pantheon. The restaurant made pizzas on huge rectangular metal containers and put them on

them in a piece with a clear glass window. You can order with a cursor at

you wanted, asking how much you wanted your piece (they charge it

weight) and asking for it to warm up. Then you happily grab your piece of pizza

to the square, take the stairs and enjoy.

Friendship with other guests at the hotel, concierge and locals is another

a great way to discover good food that won't break your budget. Ask your local if they

know any good restaurant that is not too expensive. You should be able to come

with a few good options for you. Make sure you indicate that you want to sample

some local cooking. I even know friends who called

over dinner (not that this should be your goal).

Another good way to find cheap restaurants is to always look for a good one

a place to eat. If you visit a tourist resort, stop by a few restaurants and read on

their menus (usually placed on a window). Even if you are not hungry, you can

decide to come back later. I was more fortunate with this technique when in an

an area of ​​the city that is not a standard tourist destination.

Dining at a full-service restaurant is the most expensive dining option, so if

you are really on a budget, you may want to limit the number of full service meals

you eat. In some countries, eating at the bar is also cheaper than sitting

at the table. By listening to recommendations and doing a little research, you can

avoid expensive restaurants catering to tourists.

If you're on a budget, you can still eat great during your travels, you just have to be

aware of all its food options. Ask your locals for recommendations. To make

you certainly know the price before eating. Most importantly, try new things.

Stretch borders and try something you would never eat at home. After

everything is not the reason you travel to discover something different.