San Francisco Symbol – Golden Gate Bridge

New York has the Empire State Building and the Washington DC Memorial is Washington and Lincoln. Almost every major American city boasts at least one major masterpiece of architecture. In San Francisco, this Golden Gate emblem is recognized as one of the most beautiful steel spans in the world. Tourists' visit to the San Francisco Bay Area is not complete without a panoramic view of this beautiful structure. This is not an engineering feat; instead, it is a work of art.

To truly appreciate the Golden Gate Bridge, one must first have a good understanding of the history behind it. Conceived in a time of flourishing turbulent 1920s but built in the depths of the Great Depression, Bridge represents American perseverance and determination. The grand project was completed in 1937 and the Golden Gate Bridge stood as the longest steel suspension bridge in the world until 1964, when the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was completed, connecting New York's Staten Island and Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The Golden Gate Bridge thanks to its aesthetics. The American Society of Structural Engineers has declared it one of the world's modern marvels. According to Frommer's tourist guides, it is "perhaps the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed bridge in the world."

Although the bridge can be seen from points across San Francisco, the best views are from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Surrounding San Francisco Bay, GGNRA is one of the most visited units in the National Park system. Over 13 million people come to the area every year to view the great Red Bridge, among other activities.

The park is deceptively large, as it is not an area of ​​one land but a set of parks running from northern San Mateo County to southern Marin County. It runs along the 59-mile coast. The GGNRA, however, should not interfere with Golden Gate Park, which the city of San Francisco manages as a separate entity.

Nothing can happen in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It is not uncommon to see people cycling, roller skating and running on countless well-maintained trails during warm summer days. In addition, photography is just one art form used to capture the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge. Other artists use colors, pencils and sculptural clay to interpret the range.

The trip to GGNRA is not complete without a visit to its most famous attraction. Alcatraz Island has been marked by countless films. Although they had not been detained since 1963, it was reopened as a museum. It is a positive walk through the corridors of this cooling building, once home to Al Stroone and "Birdman of Alcatraz" by Robert Stroud.

Spend a day or two exploring the Golden Gate Recreation Area; surely appreciate the Bridge, along with everything else GGNRA has to offer.


A poll finds San Francisco is the best place to live

Research has shown that San Francisco is the best choice for people who want to live, with Sydney in second place. More interesting findings were revealed in these surveys.

Big cities have a lot to offer, from art galleries, shows, colorful nightlife venues, dining halls to fuses of different cultures and public transportation, but they also have their downsides. Noise, pollution, higher costs and of course, minimal space can be major factors in deciding if a city is right for you. Small towns, on the other hand, can have the same subtle metropolitan areas and have that great "small town" feel. It’s a really strong sense of community that draws people together and actually knows who is who.

Further exploring this, a survey was conducted across 1000 people across America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The results showed which places are best for life along with the factors that play in deciding where to live.

Of all the participants globally, San Francisco was the best choice of place for people to live

San Francisco seems to have won in this despite its economic condition. After all, the cove is what defines this city best. But who could also forget the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Cupid's Span and Fisherman's Wharf! No wonder many have chosen this as their number one choice. Interestingly, the port city of Sydney is in second place with Amsterdam. London and New York were tied for fourth place. A fierce call between Big Ben and the Big Apple.

More women chose San Francisco, while more men chose Sydney

San Francisco may have been the best employee choice, but women are 25% more likely to choose this position than men. However, the complete opposite was true when it came to Sydney. Men were 8 times more likely to choose this city than women. Any guesses why?

People prefer to live in more urban / urban areas than in rural ones

47% preferred to live in urban / urban areas, while only 10% preferred rural space. Quite a difference considering what each has to offer. Although the city is at a much faster pace of life, there seems to be a lower interest in peace in the countryside. Suburbs, on the other hand, follow just below urban / urban areas where 43% prefer them.

Employment opportunities are given a little more value

Things that people value differ in deciding where to live. About 5 out of 10 participants found employment opportunities important in this regard. As for others, such as cultural and entertainment, climate and climate, openness and openness to life, only 4 in 10 participants consider it important.

Different regions have different values

As with everything, depending on where you are from, it will dictate to you what values ​​are most important. For example, Americans value job opportunities the most. Nearly 64% thought it played a role in deciding where to live. Similarly, Asians place the highest emphasis on employment opportunities, with 55% believing it. Europeans, on the other hand, valued cultural and entertainment venues as much as their friendly family.

Where do you think is the best place to live? Would you rather live in an urban, suburban or rural area?


San Francisco nightlife

Nightlife is one means of gathering or meeting friends. The nightlife of San Francisco is as diverse as San Francisco, and all the clubs, lounges and bars in the San Francisco neighborhood have a different atmosphere. San Francisco offers a unique and full source of entertainment, from sexy deck chairs to trendy nightclubs.

Numerous music festivals are held here that include indie rock, jazz, hip hop, etc. Some bars and pubs offer live music at night, featuring favorite local singers or bands. Despite the lack of views of the club from the times, there are still few talented DJs in town who rotate around town clubs and sometimes in open storage. For a weird night out, you can enjoy a circus dinner on the guide page, Teatro Zinzanni, and you can enjoy the Asian Drag Show (Asia SF), etc.

Another snippet from the nightlife of San Francisco: a local dive tavern. All the different, well-defined areas have their own local watering holes, where you will notice neighbors sipping a blue Pabst ribbon at least a few days a week. You will notice different bars and restaurants in each neighborhood, but there are few parts of the city that are particularly suitable for jumping into bars. You can try on Union Street {at Marina}, Tendernob, Mission, Haight, and last but not least 9th Street at sunset. Each has quite different customers. Those who like the clean cut marina crowd are the best place for them, the ones who are pretty artistic types and hipsters. The mission will attract them the most, and the inner sunset is quite familiar to the students and, of course, is occupied only by them. Tendernob and Haight all like each other because they both have combined dance clubs, dive bars, lounges and a live music scene.

To the south of the market (in Soma County or Potrero Hill) are most clubs where you can find plenty of space with the exception of Ruby Skye and the starlit rooms you can find in Union Square.


Is San Francisco's sense capital America?

I arrived in San Francisco by surprise. I lived in the icy border of Buffalo, New York for many years and decided it was time to stretch my legs and see what the rest of the country had to offer. I read about San Francisco for a while and thought it might be a great place to move, a sunnier and warmer place than the arctic wasteland I'm used to. I left Buffalo on the way for an art exhibit I hosted in Chicago and decided to continue further west, reaching the San Francisco sublet, where I began researching.

My relocation plan from San Francisco lasted only a few months for professional reasons, but I regularly and often return to the Bay with love, and in those dreams I remember my time there as my time in one of the greatest places I used to be live Ever have.

Here's why.

The good life, defined

San Francisco is a city dedicated to sensual pleasure. The city itself is beautiful, in no small part because of the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds you at all times. Yes, this is a major metropolitan area, yes, it means there are a handful of poor neighborhoods and it is certainly possible to find yourself surrounded by canyons of concrete, iron and polished glass, but the city is opening up to the wild in ways urban centers like New York never could imagine.

San Francisco's appreciation for natural beauty has been instilled in numerous ways.

First, the city hosts an abundance of parks, beautiful expanses of greenery that at regular intervals pierce the stone and steel of apartments, homes and office buildings. Some are big, some are small, but you're probably close to another fauna leak at any moment.

Second, the city hills themselves give an unplanned aura, the feeling that this city is made in harmony with the land around it, that the city is not built with clear cutting and leveling to produce those perfect bars you find in so many other American cities.

The hills themselves are a challenge for walkers at times, but they also provide many of San Francisco's most beautiful moments. It is a common experience, especially near the city center, to climb the hill and then casually look away and see a beautiful view of the rolling city and the large cove that opens below you.

More than beauty

San Francisco is a city where beauty happens in countless repetitions throughout your daily life, both planned and unplanned. You will repeatedly encounter the natural beauty of the bay and the surrounding areas when you are in San Francisco at any time, but you will also encounter the beauty of a slightly more intense species with equal regulatory right because of the city's commitment to living in a lavish world.

When I say "gorgeous" I don't just mean visual beauty, I mean aesthetic pleasure of every kind. The Gulf is known for several things, and the natural attraction of the region is just one of them. San Francisco is often considered the capital of America for its sexual exploration, creative work and food.

All three of these labels fit. Sexuality is open and honest, and the city is treated with a dose of fun and excitement, as evidenced by the lack of shame with which she portrays her sex acts, her erotic arts, and the general sensual nature of regular daily life.

San Francisco is also an abundantly creative city, though perhaps not quite in the same way as Los Angeles or New York. The creative element of San Francisco is not so much about "creating" or "hitting the big one." Instead, the creativity found in San Francisco is much more relaxed, laid back and seemingly self-produced. San Francisco residents certainly care about the arts, but they care about the moments of experiencing the arts – they care about integrating the arts into their daily lives rather than making it an event or big business.

The same can be said, though not with exactly the same accuracy, of the city's culinary scene.

Northern California cuisine

In a country that is quick to embrace the possibilities, complexity and pleasures of thoughtfully grown and prepared food, San Francisco still manages to stand out as a center of culinary obsession. Part of this is due to the influence of several major contributors to the modern food movement living in or near, including Alice Waters whose Chez Panisse sits across the bay at Berkley, a small bedroom community also home to Michael Pollan's modern foodie messiah.

Thomas Keller's French Laundry, often considered the largest restaurant in the world, is also located in the nearby Napa Valley, but after all, it is not the triggers and turmoil that make San Francisco one of America's most important capitals, it's the simple fact that almost every restaurant who you visit cares about the food they serve. Almost every piece of food you buy in San Francisco carries with it a level of ambition that you won't find anywhere else, which means you don't have to look too much or spend too much money on a great dining experience. I ate almost every day for the few months I lived in the Gulf and never ate badly.

When I returned to the Northeast, I was shocked at how much my taste had changed – how much my daily food expectations had increased since my stay in San Francisco. I felt it was because of the lower average quality of the ingredients found in food in the Northeast, and although I still stick to it partly true, the head chef at a top-notch restaurant I worked at later told me he really felt crashed at care. Some cared about the food they served and others did not. It was so simple for him, and at the end of the day, I agree with him.

San Francisco care

He is a good note to finish when talking about this city. Yes, the city attracts much of its beauty and much of its beauty and its position as one of the best cities to live in the world, but ultimately, the reason why San Francisco is such a beautiful location is the fact that the city's people care, They care about making everyday life more enjoyable, enjoyable and richer. They worry about relaxing and enjoying themselves. They are worried that life is worth it in itself, and that concern is turning what could be just another pretty west coast town into a really special place.


Japan in San Francisco, Bay Area

Japan Town, San Francisco is located near the city center. As Van Ness approaches Geary from the east, he begins to see 5 Japanese-style Pagoda stories. If you have an interest in learning Japanese American history, there is an office of the National Japanese Association. There are many Japanese monuments in the Japanese city. It is symbolic of the tower located in the North Downtown of Japan on Post Street. In Japanese it says "Japan Town".

This tower mirrors the Fire Watching Tower in Japan. During the Tokugawa Shogun Edo period, volunteer and professional firefighters observed fires from the top of the tower. When they find a fire, the bell rings inside and alarms residents and signals firefighters to leave the base station.

The most symbolic of the Japanese city is the 5-story Japanese style pagoda. The pagoda was built to preserve and save Buddha's bones after he died. This pagoda is located in the central square of two major buildings in a Japanese city. The square is a good place to have lunch with a friend on weekdays. The square was full of young Asian tourists today.

On the Geary Street side of Japan, there is a wall between the two main buildings in the area. The wall was pretty festive. Two Chinese signs are engraved on the wall. The characters on the wall mean "Peace" in Japanese. This square serves to preserve and record what happened in World War II to help people learn how war can affect people.

In a Japanese city, street names are displayed in both English and Japanese. Japan Town is a unique place to find street names displayed in both languages. I cannot believe that the two states have a history of war when they looked at this arrangement.

Going into one of the two main buildings, they would not believe it is still in the US. One feels like you're walking into a shopping mall in Tokyo's lower city, such as Shinjuku.

There are many stores in Japan, such as Kimono (Japanese Traditional Apparel) Stores, a Japanese Traditional Drama Training Site, Japanese Antiques, or Japanese Restaurants. Everyone loves the Sushi Restaurant in Japan, San Francisco.

In the US, historically an immigrant country, it is not so difficult to find ethnicity. Japan is no exception. The most typical is Japan Town, but even without a tour of Japan Town, San Francisco, Japan exists anywhere in the Bay Area.

Driving El Camino Real, which through California is a historic drive through California, there is an Authentic Japanese Garden in San Mateo Central Park. A person who designed, built and maintained a first generation Japanese gentleman. Her name is Sam. He came to the US when he was 10 years old.

After changing jobs several times, he was hired by San Mateo County. Until he retired, he was the main person to take care of the Japanese Garden. In the winter, he removed all the carp from the pound and changed the water. In the spring, he took care of the flowers and the sharp tips of the tree branches so that the children playing there were not injured. Even after his official retirement, he goes to his garden and makes sure everything is in order. His constant care and effort kept the garden beautiful.


Sam Francisco Spade of San Francisco

“At about this point, Briles O & # 39; Shaughnessy filmed Miles Archer, Sam Spade’s partner.” So says a plaque on a building at the corner of Burritt Alley and Bush Street in downtown San Francisco. This is a cozy apartment block in a cul-de-sac – not exactly a place to kill, but of course, this murder only happened on the pages of Dashiel Hammett’s “The Falcon of Malta.”
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As I discover as I stroll around Sam Spade, the San Franciscans gladly pretend that Sam and this colorful crew of Falcon hunters, the mysterious Miss Wonderly, fat little Joel Cairo and the reassuringly ingenious Gutman all really traveled the city blocks around Union Square in search of a great black bird .
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This conversion takes some effort because Dashiell Hammett has not been given a complex scene. A more detailed description in the Falcon of Malta consists of one sentence: Spade received a call talking about Miles’s murder; calling the yellow cab phone company. The taxi lowers him “to where Bush Street was roofing Stockton before sliding downhill to Chinatown.”
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San Francisco of San Francisco ignores everything that postcards and those songs and travelers, including myself, associate with the city. “Small cable cars don’t climb halfway to the stars” or anywhere else in Sam Spade’s world. There is almost no sense of the hills that even walking the breakfast block can turn into a calf-hike. Stockton’s “cover” of Bush Street only hints at the way this city climbs and lowers Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill – three heights that separate Sam Spade from the blue ocean, the orange bridge and the beautiful bay that never seems to be seen.
all-inclusive vacation packages with airfareAs I walk the world of Sam Spade I realize how small he is. This is a dark, bustling San Francisco, the part that turns your back on all the blue sea and sky and all those pastel-colored, gabled Victorian houses that so optimistically cling to those cruel hills. As I ride the Hyde Street cable car from Nob to Russian Hill at that moment when it turns into the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco seems to me like it has just come out of the laundry all clean, blue and white, hung dry in the morning sun.
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But Hammett’s characters have no time to look at such love. After all, they are looking for much more elusive beauty – “the things they dream of,” as Bogart said in the movie (but Hammett is not in the book): black enamel, solid gold, a jewel decorated with a hawk that will consume all their ambition and energy and end them all to escape.
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Hammett gives his characters very occasional diversions. Joel Cairo takes part in a play at the Geary Theater. Currently showing Moliere’s Misanthrope; A Christmas Carol has been announced for the holidays. It’s hard to imagine Joel Cairo attending any. He would not be able to walk far from his Belvedere Hotel. In its true embodiment of Bellevue, it was just one block at Geary and Taylor’s. These days it has been reborn as Monaco, a chic boutique fantasy hotel in which overturned Vuitton coffins serve as a reception desk and hot air balloons on the ceilings of trompe l’oeil moving through fluffy clouds.

Occasionally, the San Francisco Night Fog is mentioned, “skinny, slatey, and penetrating,” but for the most part, Falcon’s characters move through the world of the interior: Sam’s office, his apartment, Brigid’s apartment, and various hotel suites.

Dashiell Hammett worked as a detective in San Francisco for a while. He moved around a lot, but for a while he lived at 891 Post Street and located Sam Spade’s apartment there. When I ask the restaurant waiter if it’s a safe area to visit at night, he shrugs and says, “It’s a little gay ghetto after dark …..”

Hammett gave Spade an office in the splendid 1926 building at 111 Sutter Street. A marble hall and walls and a bundled, painted ceiling more closely resemble the entrance to the Medici Palace. The concierge, the maintenance man, everyone who happens to be around the hall knows that this is the place where “Sam Spade had his office – on the fifth floor.”

In another Hammett direction talking about the scene, Spade said, “Have him call me at John & # 39; s, Ellis Street.” And there, the detective asks the waiter to hurry his order with “chops, baked potatoes and sliced ​​tomatoes.” In 1997, John & # 39; s Grill was named a National Literary Landmark. For $ 29, a visitor can still order these noodles. If they come, they should try to eat them in the upstairs dining room where Hammett books and a replica of the Maltese Falcon are kept in the entrance glass.

But something is missing. Sam Spade may recognize the look of the place, but probably not its scent. No smoke. And the smokers lurking outside his office building, rising on Sutter, smoking briskly during a brief break for American lunch are a reminder that Sam and his ladies are covered with coins left behind in the second century.


A 49-mile scenic drive in San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful place. The whole city is like a popular theme park. The 49-mile scenic drive is the best way to enjoy all the good spots in this city. This driving course is extremely comfortable for anyone with a driving license. The great thing about San Francisco's 49-mile Scenic Drive is that it can be started from anywhere in the city. A visitor finds signs with a seagull and begins to follow it. Also, if he no longer has the time and wants to stop following the scenic driving sign, he can leave at any time. It is officially the starting point in front of San Francisco City Hall. The 49-mile drive ends with a return trip back to the starting point.

The 49-mile starting point is the cultural center of San Francisco. East of the city hall is the Asian Cultural Center, and various Asian cultural exhibitions and performances of theater arts are held. They showcased Japanese traditional Kabuki Play last year. The museum has a permanent exhibition of Chinese art exhibitions. It also shows the history of Asian Americans. City Hall conducts the wedding ceremony. There are couples getting married at City Hall and taking pictures at the park over the weekend.

We now follow the “Scenic Drive 49-Mile Mile” sign with a seagull illustration to drive to Japan City as the next interesting area. The San Francisco metropolitan area is full of one-way roads like the others. Geary Street downtown goes west. Turn left onto Geary Street and drive for a few minutes, a follower of the 49 kilometer drive will begin a tour of the main buildings of the Japanese City, namely the Kinokuniya Building, Miyako Market, the Kabuki Theater Building. The first to the right of Geary Street will see a strawberry pagoda with 5 layers of rooftops.

The Japanese-Americans who lived here were brought to camps in World War II, and most did not return. Now, not so many Japanese-American families live here. This place is for a historical monument, a Japanese restaurant and souvenir shops. Japanese and Japanese-Americans this area is still appropriate to eat sushi and buy Japanese books. There are several historical monuments in this area. Two Japanese and Chinese characters carved on the wall in Pagoda Square show all the hope of the Japanese and the Japanese in Love and Peace. There are shops and groups that deal with Japanese dance, language, origami, drama, or music. Occasionally, these groups hold a booth in Japanese city buildings and serve tea and talk to people who visit here. They are extremely friendly. It is a great place to hear Japanese accent English that explains Japanese tradition and history.

We leave Japan Town, turning right into Post Street. 49 miles of Scenic Drive now takes the follower to one of the most famous and popular places for visitors. It's Union Square. Union Square is a shopping mall for visitors and residents. There are Macy's on South Square, Neiman Marcus on the Southwest corner and Bloomingdale's on Market Street. Also, there are stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Gucci. Nearby are world-class hotels. They include Westin St. Francis, Grand Hyatt, Clift Hotel, Villa Florence, Marriott and so on.

The history of Union Square is deeply linked to the civil war. The name of this park is "Union Square", as pro-union campaigns took place here, and people saw this square as a supportive movement for the Union Army. In 1903, a statue of Victory was erected on the square in memory of Admiral George Dewey's victory at the Battle of Manila Bay. This Monument to the Victory "Victory" was made in the image of the local heiress Alma de Bretteville Spreckels. Union Square is exactly the "heart" of San Francisco. Some ceremonies and events are held every weekend, including the Art Show. This square is famous for Macy's Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Please visit here when it's time for Christmas.

Turning into the corner of Union Square, Scene Drive, 49 kilometers long, takes followers to China Town. The Chinese city of San Francisco is one of the largest in the world in size and population. Chinese living in a Chinese city, San Francisco is predominantly Cantonese. Despite the Japanese city, China Town has the smell of living. Visitors can hear the baby crying, upstairs at the gift shop or fighting over the voice, shouting aloud, on the second floor of the restaurant. It feels more energy in a Chinese city than it does in Japan.

In addition to sightseeing, there are always Chinese who sell and buy meat, vegetables, fruits or everyday goods. The visitor can feel the strength of the Chinese who are expanding around the world and building their cities. Whatever city in the world visits, they will find Chinese restaurants. The Chinese always live there.

Exiting China Town, the path takes the follower up the hill and leads him to the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. There was history when a broadcast was made from the top of this Hill. The Coit Tower was built as an urban plan, adding to another attractive architect. A mural in Tower is something a visitor must see. The mural, which partly portrays European life, depicts the lives of Native Americans. Coit Tower is not an official 49 miles away. This place, however, is a popular spot with an aerial view of the city. The problems are traffic jams on the way to the top and difficulty in parking.

The path leads the follower to Lombard Street, the world's most hidden street. The slope here was too steep to build straight and make the road wrong. The road past Lombard is so steep that it looks like a cliff dive when trying to descend. A visitor can make his passenger scream with fear.

Now the route runs north on Leavenworth Street. When the follower reaches the top of the hill, he begins to see San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island. Fisherman's Wharf is from here. This place is always full of visitors. Whenever visitors come to this place, they can always find something interesting, funny and new. Visitors cannot visit this place without bringing a camera.

Continue further west passing Fisherman's Wharf, a follower will pass Fort Mason and reach Presidio Entrance. Fort Mason is a city in the park, while the Beijing Olympic torch race was running, instead of the intended and announced route, over protests. Presidio Park is a naval base historically, like a movie. Presideo Park is a forest with old but elegant houses. Another reason visitors love this area of ​​Fort Mason and Presidio Park is the spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge. There is an entrance for walkers and cyclists to the Golden Gate Bridge in the north center of Presideo Park.

The follower will see Greek or Roman style buildings at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the Marina District. Visitors will find here a hands-on style museum called "Exploratorium". Inside the museum there are science projects that visitors can try out for themselves and see what happens, how it happens and why. This is a great place for kids.

The driving route finally takes the follower to the Pacific beach. There are families on the beach who play kite, walk the dog, run with young children. A visitor can take a lunch break at Cliff House. This Cliff House was the guesthouse for the US President and other famous VIPs. The original Cliff House was burned twice and now it's a restaurant and a gift shop.

Now the ride takes the follower to the southern part of town. The visitor drives along the ocean side of the "Great America Parkway", enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean on the right. Passing the San Francisco Zoo on the left, it drives to Lake Merced. She may be surprised to learn that San Francisco has plenty of places to relax. This lake has fun for paddling, fishing and shooting. It can only relax the eyes as local people do.

After driving to the south side of Merced Lake, Scenic Drive now turns north on Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Boulevard runs north-south and one of West San Francisco's major thoroughfares. In the southern part of the Boulevard is the UC San Francisco campus. Residents of the San Francisco – Bay Bay area are undoubtedly much focused on education surrounded by well-known universities such as Stanford, Barkley, UCSF, UCSJ and UC East Bay.

Now the drive returns the follower to the northern part of the city. Setting off Sunset Boulevard North, the visitor will return to the northern part of San Francisco. Sunset Boulevard will pass Lincoln and enter Golden Gate Park. This park may be similar to Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London. The park is full of green trees and beautiful flowers. Golden Gate Park is a favorite relaxing and recreational area for residents. There are museums, Japanese Garden, Outdoor Theater. People can enjoy the events here. During the weekend, visitors will be able to meet runners or people who ride bikes. Driving in a park surrounded by greenery makes the driver happy. One can better get rid of fear, anxiety or anger from everyday life.

After exiting Golden Gate Park's east door, the drive headed south again. Driving up the hill, the follower of the ride will reach the residential area at the top of the hill. This is Twin Peaks. The car can be picked up on top of a hill and enjoy views of central San Francisco. Driving southeast of town along Castro Street, Interstate Highway 280 will take the ride and will take it to the Business District and finally to the starting point, the San Francisco Civic Center.


Union Square – A Shoppers Paradise

Union Square, one of San Francisco's most exciting areas, attracts many visitors from both the United States and abroad. More specifically, Union Square is the name of the actual area, but it is also used to mark the surrounding blocks with their hotels, theaters and shopping districts. The name of the plaza comes from patriotic rallies and functions held here in support of the Union Army during the American Civil War. Today, there are a number of online stores, department stores, art galleries, souvenir shops and high-end salons in this neighborhood. This famous shopping destination also has charming intimate theaters that offer great entertainment to the visitor.

Two prominent parts of the theater districts are the Curran and Geary theaters which are adjacent to the Tenderloin district. Another notable feature in Union Square is the TIX Bay Area, a ticket retailer that offers tickets to many performing arts in San Francisco; tickets can be obtained at a discounted price on the day of performance.

A few blocks south of Market, the visitor can watch the cable cars change direction and view the range of boutiques in this fast-growing area. Northwest of Union Square lies Nob Hill with its apartments and imposing castles. The Northeast is a famed Chinatown with its iconic dragon door.

Also nearby is the famous French Quarter which has a number of French-themed cafes and restaurants, many of which are open. This area is the site of enchanted Bastille Day celebrations, considered the largest such festival in the United States.

Union Square is perhaps best known for its shopping options, with many world-renowned boutiques from well-known brands located in the area, such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and many others. In addition, there are six prominent department stores – Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom, Barneys, New York, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

When choosing San Francisco hotels, the ideal choice would be the web portal. This convenient resource provides access to San Francisco hotels, providing a convenient way to book.


United States of America – The dream traveler

The reach that the United States has spread around the world is almost unmatched. They are considered the most powerful military and economic force, and not without reason. Being the most diverse of all countries, the US is home to many exotic tourist attractions such as the skyscrapers of New York, California beaches, Yellowstone natural wonders, Florida, Hawaii, and also Las Vegas gambling paradise. The attractions are so diverse that the traveler is often confused as to where and where to start. A little guide to where to start will give you a picture of how to start your journey.

San Francisco

This city is in northern California and is a major financial and cultural hub. Destinations will surely surprise you no matter what type of tourism you are interested in. From fashion, sports to entertainment, you get everything you ask for. Take a bus by bus to explore each destination. Museums, theaters and of course neighborhoods such as Chinatown and the fishing burst are amazing places. Wineries are another visit to San Francisco. The world recognizes this great city with attractions such as barges, seafood and fishing, bristos, gardens, as well as its museums.

Phoenix, Arizona

Rightly called the "Valley of the Sun," Phoenix has extremely sunny weather, making it the perfect destination for travel. Resorts and golf courses are sure to excite you. In the heart of the city center there are most attractions. All restaurants, shops and sports centers are located in this area. Many of the city's historic monuments and buildings are located around the Glendale area and Heritage Square. Tempe is a place where you will find a good number of nightlife fun places. Museums and art galleries are very famous. Arizona's most famous science center, the Hall of Fame Fire Museum, and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art are some of the attractions located in Phoenix.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is located on the east coast of America and is home to an important port that has a large port. It has many tourist attractions such as the Inner Harbor, Downtown, Camden Courtyard and West Side. The nightlife in the Fells area is well noticed. National Aquarium, Assumption Basilica, Robert East Lee Memorial Park are some of the famous tourist sites. You should also not miss the safari experience at the Maryland Zoo.

These are just a few cities in the US that are known for tourist visits.


Museums of San Francisco with children

There are some who think that San Francisco is what the world really should have been before it lost its way. Take what San Francisco has done with museums for children. Normally, in no other city would you dream of taking a seven-year-old to a museum unless you want to extradite her from a year of growth. It's not quite how it is in San Francisco. In fact, the museums here are so great that you could go to San Francisco with your kids just for the sake of the museum.

Let's start from the Exploratorium. Tinkering Studio is a place where children are encouraged to do something they should never do in any museum – they are encouraged to pick up things, assemble them, deal with them, make a mess and invent new things. They find that you need to connect electrical things together with wires for things to work, buzz, light and make noise. They find interesting mechanized robots that can participate in the research. With the help of a home mechanic, they can create their own machine sculptures. The Exploratorium has been around for 41 years and has always been the same – the idea was to allow children to really interact with the exhibits.

Or how about the California Museum of Science? If you're with kids in San Francisco, you just have to come here (and then go to the Walt Disney Family Museum). It's an aquarium, a planetarium and a museum of steroids all in one. The California Academy of Sciences are all kinds of exhibits that will help your child understand the world we live in. For example, there is a climate change exhibit that talks about food being a quarter of your carbon footprint. There are plates of fake food everywhere; Once you push the lever, the plate rolls over and you get a lot of ideas about how to eat what's in season and stay away from industrial meat, you do a lot for the environment. When they say chicken is much more environmentally friendly than fish or beef, you can immediately see your baby's eyes glow. These are clear and direct instructions that any idealistic child can take.

San Francisco even does the Museum of Modern Art differently. They have special workshops for families. If you run with the kids in all these San Francisco museums, City Pass should save you money.