Stroll San Francisco to the fishing waterfront over Nob Hill

San Francisco is an amazing city to visit. With so many interesting sites to explore, it's impossible to talk about them all in one text. I will look at one street in San Francisco and the general locations and views that imply walking this street. Taylor Street runs the length of the eastern half of the city. We will talk about this walk from St. to Jefferson St., in which Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf, San Francisco's most popular tourist destination, was the last home.

Coming to the intersection of St. and Taylor St, followed by a walk. Market St. is the central point of transportation for the City by the Bay. Subway stations and all Muni (SF public transit) transit routes cross Market St. at one time or another. It's a long street full of shopping and finances. In fact, the financial district is at the northern end of this city artery. Walking the Market Street to Taylor Street, it takes a long stretch of 10 blocks uphill to Nob Hill. It contains a few blocks that will test the durability of the ineligible, I recommend those not in good health by bus to Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf, and this part is actually the first of two extreme climbs. With this part of the walk you will find hotels, hostels, lounges and several corner markets, if needed. At the height of the climb you will find Nob.

Nob Hill is home to several of the best hotels in San Francisco, the third largest cathedral in the United States and Huntington Park. Huntington Park is a phenomenal place to catch your breath before continuing on to Fisherman's Wharf. The park has a children's playroom and plenty of benches to sit and relax on. A picturesque place to go for a picnic lunch, you will find the park a welcome and needed rest before continuing on the trip. Coming from the direction we have, you will find the entrance middle block as you go straight down California Street. Grace Cathedral will be located to the left across from Sacramento and California streets, just like Park.

Resting and ready to continue will be a nice downhill a few blocks away. Two blocks above the top of Nob Hill is a market and two eating establishments. I know that the day I embarked on this walk, that one location lined the streets for lunch was a great sign, as locals seem to be landing in the outdoor seats provided for many sunny afternoons in San Francisco. Continuing downhill, the next intersection will be inevitable. A good climb that seems even steeper than the previous one. Only four blocks in length, but quite steep, one is adequately rewarded for this climb when it reaches the top, it offers a magnificent view. Directly to the front, framed by a drawing of San Francisco, from this vantage point, is Alcatraz Island from a stunning view. It is the kind of city built for the view and it will cut into your head. This author believes that the spectacular view justifies the whole walk and the work is done at this point, because everything is downhill towards the Fisherman's Wharf. It’s worth noting that just before Bay Street on Taylor St, the cable car stop for Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf is just three blocks away.

This is a challenging and rewarding walk in a beautiful city. San Francisco is a great walk city and people have been found to be very friendly, unique to the big city. Taylor Street ends at Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf; yes, right in the center. Over the course of one day, this walk left plenty of time to explore the Fisheries Coast and enjoy the many attractions that were found along the coast. Proximity to dock 39 provides the opportunity to shop among 110 plus stores, and there is a large Waterfront Park to rest in beautifully landscaped lawns when the time is right. Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf is a place that requires writing your own material and we are sure this walk will be invigorating and fulfilling for you during your San Francisco adventures.


Reasons for choosing an airport shuttle service

Airport transportation is considered one of the fastest and cheapest ways to travel to and from San Francisco Airport. Airport transportation is considered to be one of the cheapest public transports compared to limousines, car rentals, taxis, transportation to hotels and the like.

Limousine services are very expensive that an ordinary person cannot afford. Some cannot travel by taxi because they are not clean and do not provide other services such as Wi-Fi, baby car seat service and on-board entertainment.

Most San Francisco airports are clean, friendly drivers who know the area and are available 24 x 7 a year. They are licensed and insured. Airport shuttle can take you to any hotel located in San Francisco, whether it's at Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Financial District, Lombard Street, etc.

The airport shuttle offers internet, TV Travel, leather seats, baby car seats and direct non-stop shuttle service. Many business travelers may need internet access on a van as they must prepare for the meeting. People may need a TV connection for entertainment purposes. People need a comfortable travel experience. In leather seats they can have no problems. One of the important jobs of parents is the safety of their children while driving. The child car seat is designed to protect your child in the event of a collision. Airports provide child car seats because it is difficult for parents to carry one with them.

Airport transfers can take almost 7-10 people at a time. By employing a shuttle service, you can eliminate the stress of finding the right routes, avoid traffic jams, or look for cheap parking services; just relax and enjoy the ride, and you'll arrive safely and accurately on schedule.

If you worry about traveling from the airport to the city hotel. You can solve this problem by booking an airport shuttle service online. All you have to do is fill out some information in the online form. You must indicate the date and time of departure of your flight. You must also mention the airline, flight number and type of flight. Next, select the number of passengers. You can choose any option for your transportation, to the airport or from the airport or tour service. Some of the five star hotels in San Francisco are New Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and Mandarin Oriental, etc.


Luxury cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii on Princess cruise lines

In a recent article entitled "Three Reasons to Book Your San Francisco Cruise", we wrote about having fun spending some vacations in the famous City by the Bay, and part cruising exciting destinations like Hawaii, Alaska, and the South Pacific. This story is about a cruise we chose to follow on our own tour of San Francisco.

Choosing a cruise

As Mark Twain often noted, it can be a bit chilly in San Francisco regardless of the time of year, so we thought cruising in a warm place would be the perfect second vacation getaway.

We searched the internet and explored all the cruise routes sailing from San Francisco to our travel dates, and Princess Cruise Lines had exactly what we wanted – a one-way voyage from San Francisco to the Hawaiian Islands. We've made the right choice, and here's what to expect if you decide to take the same step.

The day before the cruise

We arrived in San Francisco the day before we went on a cruise to Hawaii. We toured our favorite places in the city, had a great dinner at Scomi's at Pier 47 and checked into our favorite and ever-fashioned San Francisco Hyatt Regency. The hotel is directly across the street from the cult Ferry Building at Embarcadero, and a very short distance from the terminal cruise at Pier 35.

Departure from the Golden Gate

We settled into a cabinet from the harbor, opened a bubble bottle and as the boat pulled away from the dock, we proceeded to our tiled section of the yard to observe the San Francisco sky line in a slow parade. There, Ghirardelli Square is lit up in all its splendor, and the famous Transamerica Pyramid Building – remarkable among its traditional "square" neighbors.

We could see the Golden Gate Bridge rising above the bow, and we said goodbye to old Fort Point as we made our way from San Francisco Bay to the vast blue Pacific. All we could think then was, "What a spectacular way to start a cruise!"

Next stop – Hilo, on the big island of Hawaii. A future article will describe Hawaiian ports of call in Hilo, Nawiliwili, Lahaini, Honolulu and our final stop in Ensenada, Mexico, before returning to San Francisco. Why do cruise ships sailing to Hawaii from US ports have to stop at a foreign port like Ensenada? We will explain in an upcoming article.

This story contains many pleasures while vacationing on a star princess. Note: Grand Princess has now replaced Star Princess on a Hawaiian trip from San Francisco. They are sister ships, so the differences are minimal.

Sweet apartments

Star Princess has several luxury suites located throughout the ship. The Grand Suite is 1314 square feet of sheer indulgence, with walk-in closets, large bathrooms and a large balcony. These elegant excavations are truly happy among us.

In addition to luxury accommodation, the suites come with extras such as the exclusive Suite Breakfast at the Sabatini Specialist Restaurant – where you can start your day with a free "Mimosa of Good Morning" and choose from the extraordinary breakfast menu. We expected the service to be flawless, and it is.

Did you know that the now famous Mimosa Champagne and Orange Beverage was first created and named at the Paris Ritz in 1925? Its namesake is a mimosa plant that has bright and foamy yellow flowers.

Cocktails are also organized for afternoon afternoons and private parties where the occupants of the apartments socialize and mingle with the passing officers.

Want a quiet dinner for two? The sumptuous room service served in the ship's suite is the height of maritime indulgence and sublime privacy.

Passengers in the suite are also provided priority boarding and departure via the Elite / Suite Deembarktion Lounge. While visiting ports that require take-off to the coast, apartment passengers are provided with maps of the priority landing offer – a nice time-saving touch.

It's time for dinner

Soon it was time for our initial dinner aboard the Star Princess. The first night of boarding a cruise ship is a leisurely affair, so after a little cleaning we made our way down to Portofino Dining Room on Deck 6.

The Maître d & # 39; hôtel was busy organizing the process of displaying the first dining rooms at their assigned tables. Remember when everyone ate either early or late sitting? These days, you can dine in the traditional way, or choose to eat at any time you like at lunch. The benefits of both practices are there – obviously a matter of personal taste.

It's a party

After a lavish dinner, it was time for our introductory evening of entertainment at the Princess Theater on Decks 6 and 7. The first play included the entire cast in the extravaganza. The large two-story theater was crowded but cozy and everyone enjoyed the lavish music production.

We walked around the Lido deck before returning to our state room. Not quite ready for bed, we turned on the TV and watched our first movie from the closed-circuit movie library. It was an old one, – The Memories Affair, starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr – motionless tear gas with a plot to begin on a cruise. What could be more appropriate for the setting?

Days at sea

Four days passed to reach our first port in Hilo. We traveled 2,003 nautical miles (2,303 miles of highway) from San Francisco. Time passed quickly.

Days at sea can be peaceful or exciting – it's your choice. You can shop endlessly in the countless Boutique Ships. You can visit the Internet Café to find emails, listen to live chamber music and attend live art auctions. How about exercising in an extensive gym, a seminar at sea, eating pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers or trying your luck at the Casino?

Tooth whitening is another option, as you enjoy a variety of spa bliss, sniff at one of the pools and chat while enjoying a party of your choice from many bars and lounges. There is also the opportunity to watch movies outdoors or indoors, browse the library, read and of course – eat.

Ship master

One day at sea we had the opportunity to interview the ship's captain. At the time of our voyage, the lord of the Star Princess was Edward Perrin, who came from Dorset, England. As is usually the case, Captain Perrin was most concious and very willing to share stories about his ship and experiences at sea.

We always ask sea captains what works best for them. Captain Perrin has revealed that he enjoys most the potential for a positive impact on people's lives – both crew and passengers. He gave the example of an elderly couple who saved their entire lives on a cruise. They approached him with the problem of not having more money to spend while on a cruise. Captain Perrin summarized the list of "free" things a couple could do on their cruise vacation. They were delighted, and the good captain was equally pleased – his day was made, and he never forgot the feeling that he could help.

As far as travel services are concerned, an important member of the crew is the general manager of the hotel. About the Star Princess, it was Terri Lynn Cybuliak, and she greatly contributed to our fun discussion.

As we mentioned in previous cruise articles, it is agreed for the captains of ships to be in command for months rather than years, so they switch from ship to ship quite often. Watch out – you may find Captain Perrin at the forefront of your next Princess cruise very soon.

Attention on the bridge

After our meeting, Captain Perrin invited us to join him on the bridge. The ship's bridge is always supplied 24 hours a day by two officers working four-hour shifts in the three-guard system. It is interesting to witness the vast array of sophisticated systems that operate these mega ships in a controlled and peaceful atmosphere. We remain fascinated by the fact that the steering wheel of a traditional ship has been replaced by a small joystick on the table top.

Meals at specialty restaurants

All the food on the Star Princess, like most other cruise ships for that matter, is pretty tasty. It's amazing that seafood cooks can prepare thousands of different meals a day and do it with such finesse.

People always ask themselves, "If all the small meals are included in the price of the cruise, why would anyone pay extra for eating in a special dining room?" The answer is very simple – intimacy – and something very special for an important occasion.

Each specialty restaurant has its own kitchen, so only a little more attention is paid to the details in the preparation and presentation of the food. The waiters have fewer tables to visit and the overall experience is to eat at a really fine restaurant. The extra is never extravagant, and the experience is worth it.

Avoid disappointments, book your specialty restaurants early.

Our recommendations

We have enjoyed many cruises through the years, and Princess Cruises is one of our favorite lines. It provides cruise ships for the first time with a comfortable get-to-know cruise and offers experienced cruisers a nice selection of accommodations and amenities. Whatever your wallet dictates, Princess Cruises will give you good value for your vacation.

If you go

San Francisco International Airport is about 20 miles away and a taxi ride up to $ 65 to Cruise Terminal or Hyatt Regency. Your travel agent or Princess Cruises can also arrange transfers to and from the airport, however, if two passengers are involved, we recommend that you take a taxi, much less hassle.

Final note

The San Francisco Cruise Terminal is currently located at dock 35. That will change when the US Cup headquarters withdraws stakes from Bridge 27 sometime around September 2013 – after the US (hopefully) wins the Cup.

After a quick facelift and the addition of a new on-site park, the significantly improved Cruise Terminal at Pier 27 will be able to handle larger ships and will have expansive views of the city, including Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower, the Ferry Building, and the Bay Bridge.

Happy travels!


Travel Story – From San Francisco to Cairo, "Let's Stay Together"

Our guide kept saying "Let's say it together". These three little words made me feel like I was in elementary school, and then I would remember why and immediately find the core of my group and join them.

If your travel destination has appeared in the US Department of State's travel announcement in the last 12 months, then you may also want to travel with the group. Or if you are traveling alone or do not want to spend a lot of time thinking about your next venture while you are visiting distant places, group trips would be the answer.

Travel is education at its best, or at least that's our slogan.

When I traveled to Egypt a few years ago, there were some problems, nothing more serious than Egypt being listed on the US Department of State's travel warnings. I was traveling alone and I needed the security of the group, so I signed up for a 10-day group tour and cruise Egypt. It was one of the most memorable trips of my life. I traveled from San Francisco to JFK, New York, then Paris, and then to Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt has had problems with terrorists and US citizens have been involved in several incidents, so the most important idea for me is "let's all stay together". When we landed at Cairo International Airport, we saw guards walking around the Airport with machine guns on their backs. From the moment I saw it, they never had a problem with me staying in the group. Sometimes when I visit ancient sites, I get a little excited and move in front of a group. Because of the memory of the machine guns at the airport and our guide who said "let's stay together" it would make me find and join the group immediately. I have not been this conscience group since I traveled through East Germany by train to West Berlin in 1970. (Travel has always helped me appreciate the US)

Back to the reason for this article. "Stay with the group" was the unspoken theme of our tour. This was not difficult to do considering we were assigned a tourist bus (air conditioned) and our guide spoke very good English. If any of us wanted to explore a destination or a particular place on the tour, at least 3 or 4 would join us to ensure that we "stayed together" Yes, there were times when I personally got tired of my tour and my tour companions, either is so much information, so much to learn and see, I would just stay in my hotel room or tell them I was not feeling well.

Several old ladies on the tour prevented me from fibering about where I was going in the morning or afternoon. They would wait down the stairs in the lobby of the hotel and catch me as I exited the elevator. "Oh, you feel better; it's good that we can catch a cab and go to the market." The little old ladies seem to have done that to a few younger travelers. Needless to say, they always had their way.

The "free time" was scheduled for the tour, but our group got closer and they pretty much stayed together. Our group consisted of couples, students, old ladies, professionals, retirees and myself. We were a regular UN from the US.

In Cairo, women were not allowed at night in unaccompanied casinos. So the women who had husbands eventually split their husband's attention with all the single women on the tour. We just picked a couple that suited our personality and tagged ourselves with them. No, it wasn't happening undercover! It was a good pure honest survival tactic. For some reason, they forgot to mention in the tour booklet that women were not allowed in unaccompanied casinos. (Yes, there are casinos in Egypt)

During my stay in Cairo, I wore a scarf over my head when leaving the hotel. I did it out of respect. More than 14 million people lived in Cairo at the time, with 75% being Muslim and 25% Christian. Although I am not Muslim, I felt more comfortable covering my head and merging with the Muslim population.

Our tour went like this; The full day tour featured the Egyptian Museum, the Great Pyramids and Sphinxes in Giza, the Sun Ship, the Citadel, the hanging church and the famous Bazaar over a three-day period.

Then it was time to leave Cairo and catch a train to Luxor to begin our Nile cruise. Our train ride was overnight and we had sleeping cars so privacy was not a problem. While riding the train as we looked at the terrain, small towns and living conditions of the Egyptians, we had time to reflect on all the data, history and lessons we experienced while in Cairo.

We sailed from Luxor to Aswan (Aswan is the gateway to Africa and was a thriving market town at the crossroads of ancient caravan routes) and then caught a flight back to Cairo. some Americans flew to Aswan from the second tour and then sailed back to Luxor.

Once aboard a luxury (small) cruise ship, it floated like air, where ancient images of the banks of the Nile River could be seen from every cabinet and dining room. Almost every moment of every day for 3 days there was a Kodak moment on the banks of the Nile River. On the cruise, the most intimate details of the riverbanks were revealed. The boat was extremely modern and the sights extremely ancient. It felt like we were trapped in a time machine.

Our guide was an Egyptologist, she went to school for 4 years to learn what to say to an American tourist and how to say it. She took us on a few side trips to places mentioned in the Bible. It was amazing to see these historic sites. No amount of tuition could pay what she taught us and more importantly, what she showed us! I sincerely recommend you sign up for tour information to Egypt.

Our tour was a & # 39; high end & # 39; meaning it was a 5 start tour, the hotel was beautiful and the Nile cruise was breathtaking. I returned to the United States feeling knowledgeable and more willing to "stay with the group" as you travel to distant places. They answered all spiritual and worldly questions. My whole life has changed for the better after I returned to the US.


San Francisco Travel Guide

San Francisco borders the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. The city is the perfect holiday getaway. There are many famous sights and attractions to see such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramids of Transamerica, the Coit Tower and Chinatown. There are a variety of accommodation options, from the most economical to the most luxurious.

If you love beef tapas and burritos, Mission County preserves some of the best places to offer these delicacies. Taqueria Cancun and Farolito are must-see restaurants.

San Francisco has the NBA's Golden State Warriors, the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, and the MLB's San Francisco Giants. Catch the giants playing baseball in the summer.

Here's an overview of the more famous San Francisco destinations.

Pyramid of Transamerica

The Transamerica Pyramid was conceived in 1968 when President John R. Beckett noticed natural light passing through trees in the city and into the streets. He then decided to build a pyramid-shaped building to produce the same lighting results in his headquarters. A few years after that, the Transamerica Pyramid is a highly recognized world landmark today. The unique structure required international recognition. This park is located in downtown Montgomery's financial district, with address 600 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. It is part of the Transamerica Center and covers almost one city block.

Coit Tower

Lillie Hitchcock Coit was a lady of eccentric personality who suited local firefighters. In 1933, she used the funds to build the Coit Tower. She left a third of her wealth to beautify the city after her death.

Arthur Brown Jr. he then took on the task of rebuilding the magnificent 63-meter-high city tower. He filled the interior of the cylindrical tower with murals. Most of these wall paintings depict life in California during the Great Depression. A total of 25 painters worked on the project, including a scene from the harbor, a bank robbery and a view of a department store. These historic murals are preserved to great length. At the top of the tower is a platform with spectacular 360-degree views of San Francisco.


Some will argue that New York's Chinese city is the largest, but most still believe that San Francisco's Chinatown is the largest outside Asia.

Feel Hong Kong in this city. Housing and markets are distinctly Chinese. Most restaurants are cheap. Check out herbal medicine stores, souvenir shops and historic sites. Parking in Chinatown can be a problem. Most tourists take public rides instead.


San Francisco City Guide: Fun for Young and Old

San Francisco is one of the largest cities in the United States. It is a wonderful place to visit somewhere that both young and old can enjoy. In fact, if you are planning to travel to San Francisco, then this article is for you. There are some great day trips and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Try some cultural activities
In fact, the museums that enchant the young themselves have teaching lessons about their senior visitors as well. Art is a common language among all of us, and the entertainment that can be found in this big city from opera, symphonies, concerts, plays and musicals to street entertainment is top notch and appealing to people of all kinds and backgrounds.

Learn more about diversity
The diversity of this big city is as much a part of its attraction as it is the attractions that are designed to attract visitors. Perhaps one of the most attractive attractions of this city for an older audience is the significant history of the city and its people. There are many museums and galleries where you can learn about the history and tragedies that this city has endured, overcome, and which are celebrated today as part of their heritage.

The cultural diversity that this city offers is also a great attraction to the older population. From Asian history and culture, to Latin history and culture, to African-Americans, this city celebrates it all. I think that's my favorite thing about this city. Celebrate the good and bad of your history side by side. Many places on earth can do this, much less do it as effectively as San Francisco.

Start sightseeing
In addition to all of these things that are quite appealing, San Francisco has wheelchair tours, tours of Alcatraz Island, Presidio, Golden Gate Park Conservatory, wine and wine tours, concerts and cultural events, dramas and musicals, as well as racing races at Golden Gate Field.

There are so many activities available in San Francisco that it is quite difficult to narrow them down to what you can actually do in a few days. If you want to feel young again, take a tour of Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf. Try taking a look at Filoli Estates to see how the other half lives. If you're feeling particularly playful on the Explorator Day, this great place is not just for kids.

Hearst Castle is a great place
You can also visit Hearst Castle. This castle was the home of William Randolph Hearst's dream and whose dream would it not be? With 165 rooms and 127 acres to view this tour could be a great way to spend the day. One of the features of the tour that is sure to please is the movie "Hearst Castle – Building a Dream" which tells a little more about the man and his castle.

What about the old believers
Another really neat attraction for a mature audience is the Old Faithful California Geyser. This is a little off the beaten track, as it is located about an hour and a half north of the city, but if you love nature and tranquility it is worth the detour.

If you love nature, you may want to try one of the trains offering Roaring Camp Railroads, or both. There are two different tours that you will want to check on time. Also keep in mind that there is a special train for the holiday lights during the month of December and they must be booked in advance for that special ride.

It's easy to see that there are a whole host of activities and fun things to do in San Francisco. Keep in mind that just because something might appeal to a younger audience, older audiences should not automatically turn it off. As an adult, it can sometimes be a lot of fun to participate in younger generation activities. It can evoke wonderful memories and feelings of happiness. The most important thing in planning your trip and thinking about activities is to find things to enjoy. With a city like San Francisco, there is something that can cause fun for everyone.


Enjoy San Francisco at no budget costs, which follow these tips for saving money

A visit to the US can leave your heart, not your life savings. Here you can have fun and keep a check on your spending. Head to downtown San Francisco with multiple transportation options. Nonetheless, the hilly windy streets make driving around San Francisco inclusive of convenient parking.

Driving around San Francisco is only recommended if you plan to travel out of town. The rail system in the region is affordable and affordable, which is an appropriate alternative to driving.

Consider offers for sightseeing when on vacation. Consider free things like going to sightseeing top attractions such as the fishing pier, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge. There is free admission to the park; although there may be a fee for using the parks, attractions may charge an entrance fee

San Francisco CityPass allows you to visit more attractions. This is a seven-day Muni Pass that provides unlimited cable cars, other public transportation, and historic wheelchair rides. In fact, it also includes Bay Cruise and other attractions.

Deep discounts on guided tours, cove cruises and lots of performances and entertainment can save you money. The starting price of the cabin at the entrance to Union Square offers a same-day discount on many shows.

It is possible to eat at an expensive restaurant, especially on a strict budget, so you can have lunch lower than dinner. Follow the strategy, get a cheap lunch and spend your meal for dinner. There is a Restaurant Week every June and January in San Francisco, where top San Francisco restaurants offer discounted fixed meal prices.

Another way to save money is to buy a plane ticket in advance for at least a month to enjoy the lower fares. Still, October is the cheapest month to fly, and at the same time it is the most beautiful month, and July is the most expensive. To buy cheap, visit Oakland Airport (OAK), near downtown San Francisco.

Hotel prices are on the rise, however, there are hotels with the lowest prices. Find hotels that offer comfortable places and there is none of the hidden costs of parking.

Getting a car at most tourist attractions is a good option. But finding parking is very difficult and with city traffic it can easily spoil your best mood. While mid-range hotels charge $ 40 or more for daily parking, this can be really cheap as it can be more than the rental price. In fact, parking garages are expensive, and during special events, prices go up. Instead of renting a car for a day is best, as caring is not your problem.

Muni's service includes historic cable cars, vintage trolleybuses, local buses, rail and the F-line that runs to and from Union Square, Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, SOMA District, and more. Rail and bus rides are inexpensive and allow for any combination of 90 minutes, although the historic cable car may be quite expensive.


Conscientious travel to San Francisco

San Francisco is my favorite city that hugs the West Coast. It is also one of the most expensive especially for hotels. Fortunately for the frugal traveler, many sights are free.

Note: When I first went to San Francisco (driving L.A.), I was very surprised by the temperature drop. Check the time before arrival.

Fishing port

Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square cover about 6 blocks along the coast. This tourist destination offers great views of famous Alcatraz, souvenir shopping, seafood vendors and street performers. Some of the local "residents" include pelicans and sea lions. A souvenir to give back to chocolate-loving moms Ghirardelli chocolate. This is where it all began.

Cable car

While at Ghirardelli Square, take some photos of the cable car bend (end of one of the lines). The cable cars, which call the living monument of San Francisco, are a good break for the weary.

Note: No cableway transmission. Each ride requires a new ticket.


San Francisco's Chinatown is the second largest in the US, New York City only. It is a great place to get cheap supplies and a cheap meal.

Lombard Street

Also known as the most winding street, Lombard is another of those photo ops that tourists love. Walking is free.

Golden Gate Bridge

Another famous and scenic walk is over the Golden Gate Bridge. One day, the views are fantastic (and will make up for all that great Chinese food you will eat). This suspension bridge is less than 9000 feet long, so plan your tour accordingly.

Cable Car Museum

Do you like cable cars? Then visit the Masonic Street Cable Car Museum. Admission is free, and the deck of the museum overlooks huge engines and coiled wheels pulling cables. Great photos can be taken in vintage cable cars.

A city of different cultures, bordered by the sea, San Francisco has the perfect blend of historic attractions and modern landmarks. Many of them are free.