“Bitcoin Stale.” Early champions such as John McAfee described the cryptocurrency original as “real Shitcoin,” and while things have gotten worse, it was until another “stale” block was created recently.

But why is the problem an obstacle barrier? Well, for those who don’t know, the block is “stale” when it is received on the Bitcoin blockchain, but it was later cleared because the nodes that added it to their network versions ended up with a longer chain that did not contain it.
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For some, the fact that a “stumbling block” can be dropped proves that bitcoin is in fact not volatile. And given that BitMex’s recently discovered blockchain has more than doubled to $ 3, critics argue that Bitcoin is not a viable digital money system.

However, Bitcoin developers argue that bitcoin is unchanged, since “impossible” was primarily impossible. They point out that double spending on bitcoin is almost impossible, as most exchange and payment processing processes have to wait for a trend to be approved before the transaction is approved.