San Francisco – Emerald City

San Francisco, a city by the bay, was lost and found culture from around the world. San Francisco is located at the mouth of the Golden Gate, the entrance to one of the largest seaports. Formerly known as the Barbary Coast, San Francisco sits on a water front with many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. The gold you will find is in the beautiful hilly landscape and Victorian architecture. For historians, it is a source of knowledge. For movie lovers, many Hollywood films have been shot and set up here. The San Francisco Bay Area is also the birthplace and home of many famous musicians of the 1960s and 1970s.

If you and your sweetheart become restless, you will enjoy a stroll through Golden Gate Park or at one of the many beaches. There are many hide and seek hangouts that are less well known if you prefer less traffic. The Kelly resort is located in the Chinese Basin near Third Street, formerly a bicycle messenger hangout. There are also many nice Asian restaurants and cafes in Richmond County. Richmond County is also a great source of Asian culinary products. The view from the Twin Peaks gives a view of the entire city which is just as awesome at night as it is in the daytime. There are many original folklore and legends about the area that date back to the Golden Wave era and some landmarks still exist. Chinatown is known for its historic, traditional architecture and sculpture, a great place for art lovers. Mission County is a contiguous Latin American neighborhood of San Francisco, friendly and kindly known for hundreds of incredible murals designed by local artists, so sightseeing is recommended as a must-see.

If you are a cycling fan, San Francisco and Marin are the birthplace of mountain biking. On the last Friday of the month, around 5.30pm, a cycling group known as the Critical Mass is being organized on a plateau at the end of Market Street in the city center. Thousands of cyclists paradise the city, some wear costumes, some explode amplified music like wheeled entertainment! There are also more commonly known tourist attractions. One of my favorites is Halloween. On this occasion, a large number of people make spectacular costumes, the city reviving Halloween. In addition to being an attraction, the natural beauty of the bay gives a new flavor to every sunrise. Each new visit will be guaranteed to bring a fresh experience.