Find unique and exotic travel deals right here in the US

For larger travel websites; Travel contracts are made when they buy seats for airline tickets, hotels and rent cars in bulk and then sell at a lower price to the general public.

The same goes for cheaper cruise deals and hot spots for the holidays. The one who has the cash flow to buy large quantities of travel deals extremely well in resale.

However, there is another travel contract that is generated consistently by what the general public is usually unaware of. These are trips made from smaller settlements and out of places of travel.

With the purchase of unseen sightings you run the risk that the holiday will not be what you expected. You can be pretty sure that your accommodation will be as advertised when shopping from major travel websites.

This brings us to why "travel review" websites are so popular. You can go to any of these pages and read what other travelers have written about the destination you are interested in.

This leads us to another concern for the independent traveler; unless you know exactly where you want to travel, you may never know about the exciting, wonderful, beautiful, cheap, travel deals around the world that were absolutely safe for Americans in the past.

Setting up small private resorts, travel agencies and travel suppliers in line with their marketing efforts has not proven successful. In the passage, their failures were frequent and now they often failed. Unless a cash-rich travel agency decides to promote one of these small and unique travel destinations in the San Francisco Chronicle or the New York Times; wider places may never know about hidden travel destinations.

Yes, this is a time when we need to be extremely aware of our surroundings, no matter what county we are in; but we do not have to leave the US to find truly beautiful exotic places on our own, the East Coast or the hidden islands and coast along the southern states here in the US.

Travel agents are constantly receiving press releases and flyers at crowded, cheap, small, resorts through their fax lines. It is one thing for them to get this information and another to promote it. And why should they? Good business people promote what will increase their income! And many travelers go to larger websites for holiday packages.

So for an independent traveler who wants more from his or her travel experience – research is key. You don't have to leave the US to find new and exciting places to travel – however, you need time to find them.